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Download the page you want to translate by clicking on the ellipsis icon on the right side of the page and select “Download”.

You now have a *.instapage file in your download folder.


Go to and choose “Select document” and “Upload a file”. Select the target languages and service that you need, use the drop-down to see the price based on the word count. Click on the deadline that fits best, add a title and create the order.


How the pros translate Instapages with Supertext.



Once the translation is finished, you'll receive an email with a download link. Download the translated *.instapage file from our platform. 

Download finished translation from


Go back to Instapage. Choose “Create new page” and “Upload an .instapage file”. That’s it. Your page is translated, including all the hidden meta, title and alt tags.  



You can order more than one language at once. We recommend that you add the language code to all page names, e.g. EN-US for all American English pages, so you can organize your translations.

The only thing we don’t write ourselves: client feedback.

Mahmud Tschannen

Blog Administrator,

“Supertext understands our style and how to communicate it. The uncomplicated ordering process and online file uploads are very customer-friendly and they are top in reliability and speed. It’s a good feeling to know that with Supertext, my translations are in good hands. I would gladly recommend Supertext.”

Meike Princelle

Key Account Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic

We've worked with many different translators in the past, but we've never received express translations of such high quality. We can usually publish the translations just as they are, which saves us a lot of editorial effort. Supertext's translations are worth every penny.”

“Worth every penny”

“Uncomplicated, super-reliable and always on time.”



Duplicate the page you want to translate. To do this, click on the ellipsis icon on the right side of the page and select "Duplicate".

How to translate your own Instapage.


The duplicated page has the name "Copy" in front of it. We recommend that your remove "Copy" and add the language code at the end. 




Go through all your text blocks and translate the text one by one. Watch out for consistency, keywords and style!

Alt text

Don't forget the alt-tags of your images. This is important for people with visual impairment, but also for SEO. Google sees a half-translated page as low quality content.




Last but not least, translate your meta and title tag. You can find them under "SEO Settings”. As the name implies, this is important for SEO.

Be aware that using Google Translate to translate Instapages manually is a bad idea. The Google Translate widget is a slightly better option. But remember, Google will punish you for low quality translation otherwise.
Yeah, the irony.


Remy Blättler

After graduating from Northwestern University in Chicago with an MA in Computer Engineering, Rémy lived and worked in Manhattan for eight years. Back in Switzerland, he developed the Supertext system from scratch and now oversees all further development of the Supertext platform.

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